"We had Liana as a professional presenter for staff education sessions on nutritional issues in heart failure.  She was a great resource, and everyone learned a lot from her.  We found her flexible, thoughtful, and ready to discuss nutritional topics at a high level or a very basic one, depending on who she was teaching.  She was consistently attentive to and respectful of learners, even when their questions were at a true beginning level.  She had an energy and
demeanor that made the class experience truly pleasant and conducive to learning."
- Judith A. (Beverly, Ma)

"I met Liana through one of my wonderful brides and when the opportunity came to help one of my clients that wanted to lose weight for her wedding, I knew Liana was the right match! She has helped quite a few clients that are "in a pinch" and need to lose a few pounds quickly. They have been so thrilled that they have decided to hire Liana on in a more long term capacity. At the same time, I found out that my blood pressure was high and my doctor wanted to put me on medication. I refused and said that I wanted to try and get my blood pressure lower through diet and exercise. It was then that I hired Liana to help me. Four weeks later, I went to my doctor and the nurse practitioner took my blood pressure. Naturally I was curious and she wrote it down and didn't say anything. I asked her, what's my blood pressure" and she said, "It's normal". I was at 140/100 and in four weeks my blood pressure was 128/82! My doctor was very impressed and I was relieved that I didn't have to take medication! Liana was able to give me some small adjustments to make and they aren't the easiest but I never felt like it was impossible and now it's part of my life. She is always accessible and has great hints which is particularly important for me since I have a pretty hectic schedule and a job that can elevate my blood pressure pretty easily! I recommend Liana for anyone that is looking to make changes FOR LIFE without making you feel like you have to give up your life.
- Donna K. (Concord, Ma)

"My father recently passed away which was a wake up call that I needed to get healthier. 
I joined Weight Watchers and quickly became annoyed with the need to figure out points for everything that I was eating and drinking.  Also, I didn't see much change in my weight.  I needed a program that I could stick with and that would help me lose weight.
I checked with my insurance (BCBS) and was told that they would cover appointments with a Nutritionist/Dietitian and all I would be responsible for was a copay as long as I had a referral from my PCP.  I found Liana online and she ended up being an in-network provider with my insurance.  I was so excited.
I have met with Liana several times since starting with her and I have lost over 20 pounds so far.  I have learned how to make better food choices, keeping an eye on portion sizes, choosing healthier snacks, healthier ways of cooking, along with other things.  
Liana has given me meal plans to show ideas of what to eat throughout the day.  She has also sent me some yummy (buy healthy) recipes.  
Two of the best things that I like about working with Liana is that 
1) She doesn't judge you (even when I thought it would be a good idea to make mimosas for myself using 2 whole bottles of champagne) and
2) I can email her anytime with any questions (I have a lot) and she is always quick to get back to me.  She also emails to check in and make sure I am staying on track.  It definitely helps knowing that someone is there to help you.
If you need help with eating healthier, I would definitely recommend Liana DeLoid, she has helped me a lot."
- Kari D. (Boston, MA)

"Thanks to engaging nutrition I was able to lose weight and keep it off. Liana was so supportive and available anytime I needed advice on what to eat while dining out.  I was able to lose weight and gain energy from healthy foods and incremental changes to my diet.  I would definitely recommend engaging nutrition for anyone looking for increased energy and a decreased waist line!"
 - Meghan D. (Boston, MA)