Live well. Eat well. Be well.

Engaging Nutrition provides expert nutrition services to children and adults.


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Live well. Eat well. Be well.

Engaging Nutrition provides expert nutrition services to children and adults.



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Engaging Nutrition is a private practice and consulting firm located in the Greater Boston area. We provide expert nutrition services to meet the needs of children, adults and families. Our nutrition services include individualized or group counseling, guided supermarket tours, cooking demonstrations, meal planning and nutrition lectures, seminars and workshops.

Engaging Nutrition’s mission is to help clients develop healthy eating habits for the long-term by making a lifestyle change that implements proper nutrition. Individualized support is provided and nutritional plans are tailored to each client’s goals. Developing healthy eating habits isn’t as confusing or as restrictive as many people imagine.

Sessions include nutritional assessment, counseling based on medical conditions, health goals or family dynamics, nutritional check ups, food preferences, meal planning, and follow-up phone calls or emails. These sessions help our clients create an action plan to improve nutrition and health habits based on his/her medical history and goals.

Customized recommendations are provided to each client regarding proper nutrition, key nutrients (carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, etc) and exercise. Other important topics are discussed such as time management and meal planning, quick and easy cooking, eating on the go, snacking, grocery shopping, or any other topics that support your goals.

Live well. Eat well. Be well.

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I started working with Liana in January. I have struggled with weight loss my entire life despite the fact that I am very active. My job requires a lot of time and I am often traveling and away from home, having to eat out. Liana taught me how to choose the right foods and the right combination of foods to lose weight. While my weight loss has been slow, I still lost approximately 14 pounds.

My goal is to lose 25 lbs and I am confident Liana will be able to get me there. I am happy I found Liana.

Kerry M.

Boston, MA

Engaging Nutrition is a professional practice with a registered and licensed dietitian who has the skills, knowledge and education to help clients achieve their nutritional goals.

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Why Choose Engaging Nutrition?

Whether you want to lose weight or make some changes to your eating habits for health reasons, it’s really about changing your lifestyle so that over the long-term you do not have to ‘avoid’ any one food.

The use of focused nutrition techniques to improve or prevent medical conditions (such as high blood pressure) is a highly effective way to promote health and prevent illness.

Staying on track with nutrition and fitness goals is the key to a healthy lifestyle. We provide our clients with the tools and education needed to achieve those goals.