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Engaging Nutrition is a Boston based nutrition private practice and consulting firm. Engaging Nutrition provides expert nutrition services to meet the client's needs. These services include individualized or group counseling, guided supermarket tours, cooking demonstrations, meal planning and nutrition lectures/seminars for healthcare facilities.

Engaging Nutrition's mission is to help motivated clients make a lifestyle change that will assist them in achieving a healthy weight for the long-term. Individualized support will be provided and nutritional plans will be tailored to achieve the client's goals. Sessions include nutritional assessment, counseling based on medical conditions or health goals, nutritional status, food preferences, meal planning, and follow-up phone calls/emails. The sessions help the client create an action plan to improve nutrition and health habits based on his/her medical history and/or goals. Specific recommendations will be provided regarding key nutrients (carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, etc) and exercise. Other important topics will be discussed such as time management and meal planning, quick and easy cooking, eating on the go, grocery shopping or any other topics that interest you.

Why choose Engaging Nutrition to help you? Engaging Nutrition is a professional business with a registered and licensed dietitian who has the skills, knowledge and education to help clients achieve their goals. Information in the media can be expensive, confusing and misleading! "Dieting" implies short-term weight loss. Excessive dieting will not keep the pounds off and will likely increase the risk of greater rebound weight gain. It's really about changing your lifestyle so that over the long-term you do not have to 'avoid' any one food. Trying to stay on track with nutrition and fitness goals is the key. Focusing nutrition techniques to change or prevent your medical issues (such as high blood pressure) is an important way to improve health and can prevent further chronic diseases.

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